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What is biodiesel?
Biodiesel (mono alkyl esters) is a derivative of plant or animal oils. It has similar characteristics to fossil-oil based diesel and can be used as a fuel for almost any diesel engine.

What types of fuel blend are available?
We currently have B100 or 100% Alpha Biodiesel available for purchase.

How can I purchase Alpha Biodiesel?
Alpha Biodiesel is available for sale at our biodiesel plant. Customers can drive their diesel vehicles to our plant for direct fillups from our biodiesel dispenser. Alpha Biodiesel can also be purchased in 25 litre plastic containers. Bulk purchase in 600 or 1,000 liter dispensers can be arranged for high volume customers.

Is Alpha Biodiesel better for the environment than fossil diesel?
Alpha Biodiesel is classified as a "carbon positive" fuel. This means that biodiesel use does not increase the net amount of carbon in the atmosphere. This differs from petroleum (fossil-oil based) diesel fuel, which releases fossilised carbon into the atmosphere and contributes to global warming. Biodiesel contains zero sulphur (the main cause of acid rain). Biodiesel exhaust gases contain far fewer carcinogens and dangerous particulates than petroleum diesel exhausts, making it better for public health.

Can Alpha Biodiesel be mixed with standard diesel?
Alpha Biodiesel can be mixed in any proportion with standard diesel. Alpha Biofuels is continually conducting trials with Alpha Biodiesel on different types of diesel equipment. Most of our diesel vehicle customers prefer to run their vehicles on 100% Alpha Biodiesel (B100) which maximises the environmental benefits.

Can my car run on biodiesel?
All unmodified diesel engines will run on biodiesel, but there are a few things to consider before filling your tank: Most vehicle manufactures will approve up to 5% blends (B5) with petroleum diesel. In older vehicles, fuel filters may require changing after 500 kilometers of use due to the cleaning action of B100. This is caused by the biodiesel removing deposits in your fuel tank and hoses left over from standard diesel usage. Your vehicle mechanic should be advised of this. Older vehicles may also have fuel hoses made of natural rubber, which is slowly degraded by biodiesel use. Hoses in vehicles constructed after 1992 are most likely made from synthetic materials and will not degrade from biodiesel use.

What materials are compatible with Alpha Biodiesel?
For more information on materials compatibility, please refer to the article by the National Biodiesel Board. Click here to read it.

How can I store biodiesel?
Biodiesel is easy to store. It is very stable at atmospheric pressure and will not ignite even under a naked flame. Large amounts should be stored in bunded areas or containers to prevent messy spillages.

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