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Waste Oil for Fuel

In April 2008, we launched the “Waste Oil for Fuel” program that aims to increase the awareness about the use of clean energy. We are collaborating with food and beverage establishments in Singapore to recycle WVO into biodiesel that is then used to fuel their transportation. The concept of the program is to exchange waste cooking oil from F&B establishments with clean sustainable biodiesel.

Features of the Waste Oil for Fuel Program

  • Waste vegetable oil from your restaurant will be collected and converted to biodiesel.
  • The biodiesel produced from this WVO can be used to power the participating restaurant’s diesel fleet

Key advantages for your company

  • To enhance cost-saving with free and ethical disposal of WVO
  • To lower transport costs with biodiesel
  • To enhance the “green” image of your organization and also to do your part for the environment.

We would like to invite your establishment to join us in this campaign to bring sustainable fuel to Singapore.

How to participate in the program?
Join our program in a few easy steps

  1. We collect a sample of waste vegetable oil from your establishment for laboratory analysis.
  2. A proposal with the results of the sample analysis will be submitted to you.
  3. Your establishment can start to enjoy clean-and-green fuel as soon as a month after endorsing our program.
Waste Oil for Fuel