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FoodXervicesFoodXervices Inc.

Alpha Biofuels and FoodXervices Inc are on a mission to develop an environmentally conscious community. To encourage recycling of used cooking oil into clean and sustainable biodiesel which can reduce our carbon footprint, Alpha Biofuels is collaborating with a team of passionate people from FoodXervices Inc to spread this green message. Through FoodXervices Inc’s extensive fleet of clients comprising large hotels and restaurants, we believe that we can make a substantial impact towards climate change.

Information on how to recycle used cooking oil in a green way will be found on FoodXervices’ cooking oil labels. Local restaurants may now know of an alternative method to dispose their used cooking oil and at the same time do their part for the environment.

About FoodXervices Inc

FoodXervices Inc was started in May 2007 by Nichol and Nicholas Ng to take over the food trading business started by their grandfather more than 70 years ago. Ranked among Singapore’s top foodservice companies, it has more than 1,500 customers, ranging from top hotels and restaurants to culinary schools and institutions. More than 70 percent of its over 3,500 products come from Holland, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many parts of Asia. As the exclusive distributor of global brands such as Divella (Italy), MUH (Germany) and Bangor (Spain) and a key partner to Unilever, Lee Kum Kee and Kimberly Clark, FoodXervices Inc is well positioned to develop these brands together with house brands Bello, Xtuff and GroXers.

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