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Plant visit: ~2 hours
School talks: ~ 40 mins

Recommended age group
Plant visit: Secondary - University (Year 7 & above)
Talks: Upper Primary - University (Year 5 & above)

About the programmes
The plant visit provides an overview of biofuels and the biofuels industry. It aims to inspire students to take up engineering as a career by providing a glimpse of the daily operations in a biodiesel production facility. The visit also hopes to spur the spirit of enterprise through a sharing session with one of Alpha's founders.

School talks are aimed to provide a brief overview of biofuels and the importance of "going green". It has been developed so that students from all age groups can have a grasp of the concept of environmental sustainability.


  • Travel in a biodiesel-fueled bus
  • Visit to a commercial scale biodiesel production facility
  • Demonstration on biodiesel production
  • Gain knowledge on biofuels
  • Sharing session with one of Alpha's founders



Plant visit & school talk