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Alpha Biofuels Fact Sheet Fact Sheet

LogoAlpha Biofuels burst onto the clean energy scene in 2004 and the Alpha team is helmed by fun loving personalities Allan and Jack. With their passion for outdoor adventures, they realized the importance of a carbon footprint conscious environment. Highly motivated by their passion, they want to change perceptions about clean energy.

Alpha Biofuels’ core philosophy is to engage communities to reduce climate change effectively, and to empower communities through the benefits of using clean energy.

Guided by our vision of deriving clean energy from waste, Alpha Biofuels is on a mission to aid individuals and communities in reducing their carbon footprint. We believe that a carbon footprint conscious community can only be created in an environment where people know how they can contribute. We are here to change perceptions and empower individuals and communities to make a difference. In order to meet these objectives, we have developed programmes such as collection of waste cooking oil, education programme, and "Waste oil for fuel" programme.

About Alpha Biofuels