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An installation of our micro-refinery is found at Asia Square Tower 1.

Visit the Asian Square site to find more about this Green Mark Platinum awarded building


Alpha Biodiesel Processors enables a community to reduce their reliance on expensive mineral energies, providing economic and social benefits.

We provide consultancy and build customized processors which can accept a wide range of feedstock to be processed into biodiesel for diesel engine applications.

Alpha Biodiesel's TechnologyMR

  • Technology developed in Singapore utilizing ion exchange resin systems and 2nd generation feedstock
  • Easy to operate: Full/Semi-automated modes
  • Key payback for system : 16 months to 20 months
  • Fast Deployment:
    1. System fits a 20 ft container (Excludes storage tanks)
    2. Ready for operation upon unloading
  • Low energy usage - Net energy positive
  • Suitable for urban city waste cooking oil recycling project

Alpha Biodiesel Micro-Refinery

  • Small Scale Refinery for conversion of waste cooking oils into biodiesel
  • Fully automated system capable of 90% yield
  • Base Feedstock: Waste cooking oils, animal fats, palm oil or jatropha
  • Output: 100% Biodiesel suitable for use in all diesel engine (without modifications) and Capstone Micro-Turbine
  • Device uses low power / Low Energy Consumption
  • Cost of production per liter of biodiesel : USD $0.20 - USD$0.40 (Based on cost in Singapore)

Case Study: Alpha Biodiesel Micro-Refinery Deployment at Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore

  • Micro-refinery recycles all waste vegetable from the financial District and powers the construction of the S$1 billion Project with clean fuel.
  • System will be integrated into Main Building (Asia Tower 1) upon completion of the project in 2011