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Recycling the Liquid Gold in Raffles Institution and More
Greenwave Environmental Competition 2009

Congratulations to Mr Eddy Goh on receiving the Merit Award!

Eddy Goh

About the project
A project undertaken with the guidance and support of Alpha Biofuels has clinched a merit award in the Greenwave Environmental Competition 2009.

The "Green Wave" organized by the Sembawang Shipyard. is their environmental care and protection project that aims to involve the community at large, particularly the students, to participate in learning about caring, protecting, maintaining and positively utilizing our environment so that individually and together, we can contribute towards the conservation and improvement of our environment for Singapore's sustainable development.

Eddy Goh, a Secondary 4 student from Raffles Institution, worked on a blueprint, proposal and implementation of recycling waste cooking oil in educational institutions in Singapore for recycling as biodiesel at the Alpha Biofuel plants.

The scope of his project entitled "Recycling the Liquid Gold in Raffles Institution and More!" includes:

  1. Study of current waste oil management system in school and local community
  2. Proposal and Implementation of proposed action plan in Raffles Institution
  3. Blueprint of action plan other educational institutions or organisations to follow suit
  4. Education publicity poster on proper method of waste oil disposal

His project was submitted for the Waste Management category in this prestigious nation-wide environmental competition - evaluating the waste oil management system in Raffles Institution, proposing an improved and sustainable system, supported with pilot-tested solutions, under the mentorship Dr Chionh Yan Huay and supported by Head of Services Mr Lee Yew Loong.


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