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Life Cycle Analysis

Alpha Biofuels is working with A*STAR SIMTech to conduct a Life Cycle Analysis research on Alpha Biodiesel. This detailed analysis will quantify the energy used in Alpha’s waste oil recycling process, the efficiency and emissions of Alpha Biodiesel vs mineral diesel, etc.


Fuel borne catalyst

With a growing number of Euro 4 diesel particulate filter (DPF) equipped vehicles, Alpha Biodiesel is keeping up with advancing diesel engine exhaust post treatment technology. The DPF is a filtration device designed to trap black soot particle from the incomplete diesel combustion process. The DPF is periodically regenerated (cleared) by raising the exhaust temperature to burn off the black soot particles into gaseous carbon dioxide, restoring exhaust flow rate. It was previously found that Alpha Biodiesel experienced some difficulty in the regeneration process of the DPF. We are embarking on a trial of a fuel borne catalyst from a internationally renown chemical innovation company to aid in the combustion of the black soot particle. The catalyst works by lowering the activation energy for the combustion of the black soot particles.


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